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The Ultimate Web Graphics Package For Create Website in 30 Mins

“Are You Looking For Professional Web Graphics and Images For Your Websites?”

“You Have Found The Complete Source…
Over 27,000 High Quality, Professional Web Graphics and Images That You Can Use Over and Over!”

Tired Of Surfing Free Graphics Sites Searching For The Perfect Web
Graphics? No More Searching, No More Hassles! You’ve Found
The 450 Meg Ultimate Web Graphics Package
And You Can Download This Immediately!

The Ultimate Web Graphics Package

You have found The Ultimate Web Graphics Package, which contains all the web graphics and images you’ll need!

If you are tired of scouring the Internet looking for great website graphics, you can stop searching right now. The 450 MEG Ultimate Web Graphics Package is packed full with .jpg, .gif, and .png files that will meet all your web graphic and image needs.

Do you need to make your website look more professional?  Just find the graphics in this massive collection that suit your needs, add them to your site and watch your conversions increase.

Does your squeeze page or landing page need spiced up?  No problem!  Find the graphic you need and add it your page.  You won’t need to pay for an expensive graphic or web designer – that’s for sure.

Need animations for your, or your client’s websites?  Well, there’s loads of those in here too.

Use these images for your websites or auctions on Ebay! There are PLENTY of images here to spice up your websites. Put your Ebay customers in a great mood with super looking auction pages, which will help you SELL MORE!

The List Of Things You Can Do With These
Website Graphics Is Almost Endless!

Here Are MORE Ways To Use These
High Quality, Professionally Designed Website Graphics:

  • Create stunning sales pages with very little effort use these graphics and templates to quickly and easily put together a high-converting, professionally designed sales page for your website.
  • Save yourself days of hard work You won’t have to hand out hundreds of dollars to graphic designers – you’ll have access to your own personal library of over 27,000 professionally designed graphics.
  • Increase the response rates of your offers There are loads of high quality call to action graphics included in this package to cover every possible need that you may have. You can use these to get visitors to sign up to your offer or to increase your sales.
  • Create graphics for your products liven up your products with these great images!
  • Create your own physical products use “Zazzle” “CafePress” and other online areas to create mouse-pads, coffee mugs, t-shirts and more!
  • Create graphics for your client’s websites these graphics come with a Personal Use AND a Developer’s Licence so that you can also use them on your client’s websites.
  • Use your own creative imagination I’m certain that you will come up with ways that I haven’t even thought of to use these 450 MB of professional web graphics!

Now, let’s look at the incredible selection of web graphics and images that are included in The 450 MEG Ultimate Web Graphics Package!

Here is a list of the 6 professional products included in the package, together with a sample of what the images in that product look like. Every single one of the web graphics shown or listed below is in this package, plus many, MANY more!

Product 1: Web 2.0 Graphics Pack

Over 2,000 Killer Graphics For Your Site

Web 2.0 Graphics Pack

“Grab Over 1,500 2,000 Professional, Ready To Go Website Graphics!”

Just Copy And Paste These Web 2.0 Graphics Into Your Site...

Looking for an easy way to spice up your site? Don’t want to spend too much time messing around with graphics software? Then this “Web 2.0 Graphics Pack” is for you…

I’ve put together a collection of over 2,000 brand new, high quality, professional mini site graphics that you can simply copy and paste into your websites and blogs. So you can give your sites an instant makeover, in minutes.

 No design skills required.

 No special software required.

 No big designer fees.

Since these graphics are already pre-made and pre-formatted, it literally takes just a few minutes to stick them into your website. And they’re really high quality and polished, so you WILL actually want to use them in your site.

Take a look at these graphics for yourself…

Brand New Set Of Beautiful Web 2.0 Graphics...
Web 2.0 Graphics Pack

As you can see, these are really professional graphics. They were all designed by a real graphics pro who charges up to $100 an hour for custom work. This is really high quality stuff. So you can actually feel good about putting these graphics on your site.

Here is a closer look at all of these graphics, giving you a break down of everything you get, along with full size samples…

400 Website Header Templates. 10 styles x 10 colors x 4 sizes. These are blank headers in JPEG format. You can open them up in any image editing program, add some text to them, and you have a nice header. There are 10 main header designs that each come in 10 different colors and in 4 different sizes. The sizes are: 780 x 200, 780 x 150, 700 x 200, and 700 x 150. Here are some samples….

Web 2.0 Graphics - Header Templates Sample

150 Checkmarks and 10 Bullets. The checkmarks come in 3 styles x 10 colors x 5 sizes. The bullets come in 1 size and 10 different colors. All of these website graphics come in transparent PNG format so you can use them on any color background. Here are some samples…

Web 2.0 Graphics - Bullets and Checkmarks Sample

600 “Call To Action” buttons. 10 phrases x 10 colors x 2 styles x 3 sizes. The phrases are: “Download Now, Free Access, Get It Now, Grab It Now, Instant Access, Join Now, Order Now, Register Now, Sign Up Now, Subscribe Now”. All buttons come in transparent PNG format, so you can use them on any color background. Here are some samples…

Web 2.0 Graphics - Order Button Samples

70 Blank eCover Templates. 7 different eCover types (Box, CD, CD case, DVD, Ebook, Member Card, and Spiral Report). Each eCover template comes in 10 different colors. Just like the blank headers, these are blank covers in JPEG format. You can open them up in any image editing program, add some text to them, and you have a nice cover. Here are some samples…

Web 2.0 Graphics - eCover Template Samples

30 Guarantee signs. There are 10 different colors and 3 different sizes. Each one comes in transparent PNG format so you can use them on any color background. Here are some samples…

Web 2.0 Graphics - Guarantee Signs Samples

630 Numbers. Go up to 21. Come in 10 different colors and 3 different sizes. In transparent PNG format so can be used on any background. Here are some samples…

Web 2.0 Graphics - Numbers Samples

320 Arrows. Come in 2 styles x 10 colors x 4 directions x 4 sizes. The 4 directions are: up, down, left and right. These web graphics come in transparent PNG format, so they can be used on any color background. Here are some samples…

Web 2.0 Graphics - Arrows Sample

40 Website Footers. 2 styles x 2 sizes x 10 colors. The sizes are 780 pixels wide and 700 pixels wide. Come in JPEG format. Here are some samples…

Web 2.0 Graphics - Footers Samples

As you can see from the breakdown above, that’s quite a lot of web graphics! If you do the calculations, there are 2,240 total website graphics in this Web 2.0 Graphics Package. And these graphics cover pretty much everything you need for your website, from top to bottom.

Plus they come in a variety of different sizes and colors, so you’ll be able to find something to match the exact look of your site.

You just stick them into your websites and you’re good to go. (Headers and covers are an exception. You just have to add your own text.)

It’s much easier and more cost effective to use a package like this for some quick graphics touch ups, than to hire a designer for a “small” job. When ever you need some quick extra graphics for your site, just open up this package, quickly go through the organized collection and find the website graphic that you need. Fast and easy.

As you can see, all these images are very high quality… we have done our best to include every kind of image you might possibly need. Buy these images ONCE, and use them whenever you need them.

You might only need a few graphics for your website just now. Next month you may need to create a new graphic for your product or your squeeze page. The month after that, you may have your own eBay auctions. Once you have The Ultimate Web Graphics Package, you can use them again and again.

How much would you expect all these images to be worth? I can’t count the number of hours that went into gathering these graphics and creating this package?

Let me just quickly remind you of how HUGE it is…

There Are Over 27,000 Web Graphics

OVER 450 MEG Of Professionally Designed Web Graphics!

I thought about charging $97.00 — I’m sure you’ll agree that the package is easily worth that one time payment.  It would easily cost you that amount for one hour of a professional designer’s time.

But then I thought, well what about $47.00?  Still a bit high though.  I know that most people are on a tight budget and I really don’t want to add any pressure to that.

Well, since I want to help as many people as possible, I finally settled on $27.00.  I think that is very affordable for most people, and considering the HUGE amount of graphics included in The Ultimate Web Graphics Package – that is one heck of a deal.

And if all that value isn’t enough, here something else…

100% Risk-Free,
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction in using
The Ultimate Web Graphics Package
is completely guaranteed…

60 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

That means that you can try out The Ultimate Web Graphics Package at my risk, while you see if it delivers what you expected. And if it doesn’t, I honestly want you to ask for your money back. And I’ll let you keep The Ultimate Web Graphics Package as my way of thanking you for giving it a try.

There is absolutely no risk on your part.
The burden to deliver is entirely on me.

So Buy This Wonderful Set Of
Professional Web Graphics NOW For Just $27!!

Click The Button Below Now…

Click The Button Below Now...
Click Here To Order The Ultimate Web Graphics Package Now

P.S. Remember… you get over 27,000 beautiful, professionally designed Web Graphics… over 450 MB of graphics to use whenever you need them… GRAB THEM NOW!


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