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Top Technology Trends for 2021

The pace at which technology is emerging is very fast that the predictions about the trends seem out of date even before getting published. As technology develops, the changes and progress enabled by it is even more faster

Though the careers based on technology don’t change at the same speed at which technology evolves, they do, and then IT professionals recognize their role is also changing. A 21st century IT professional will be learning steadily if not by desire, then due to necessity.

What do you think about it? It means staying updated with technology trends and keeping your eye on the future to know about the skills that you will need in the coming time. Here are some of the technology trends in 2021 that you should watch:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
In recent years, AI has received much buzz, but it is still in trend to watch because of its effects on our living, working, and playing at the early stage. Along with this, many other branches of AI has developed like Machine Learning. AI is human intelligence-based computer systems and capable of performing tasks like decision making, recognition of images, and speech or pattern. These tasks can be done with more efficiency and accuracy with AI as compared to humans.

In America, five out of six persons use AI in one or other forms daily, including navigation apps, ride-sharing apps, streaming services, personal smartphone assistants, smart home devices, and private home assistants. Besides this, AI is also used for scheduling trains, predicting maintenance, and assessing business risks. AI has been predicted to have nearly 23 million jobs by the end of this year.

Machine Learning
This is the subset of AI. In this technology, computers are made to learn things they have not been programmed to do. Here learning is done by discovering insights and patterns from data.

With Machine Learning being the subset of AI, this technology also has subgroups, including neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning.
With being regularly deployed in all industries, this technology is expected to have grown to $8.81 billion by the year 2022.

Robotic Process Automation or RPA
This is another technology which is automating the jobs. This technology in which software is used to automate business processes like dealing with data, interpreting applications, processing transactions, and replying to emails. This technology automates those repetitive tasks that people used to do.

As per the estimates of Forrester Research, nearly 230 million knowledge workers have a threat to their livelihood because of RPA. Besides this, RPA is also generating jobs along with amending the current ones.

This new technology offers plenty of career opportunities such as developer, project manager, business analyst, solution architect, and consultant. Also, these jobs will pay well

Edge Computing
Initially, just a technological trend to watch, now cloud computing has emerged as the mainstream with big players like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) already dominating the industry. The adoption of this technology is still growing, and many business are migrating towards it.

As the data with which are dealing is continuously increasing, we have come across some weak points in cloud computing. So, Edge computing has been developed to solve these issues as a way to overcome the latency caused by cloud computing. Edge computing is useful in processing time-sensitive data at remote locations with no or limited connectivity with the integrated area. In these situations, edge computing acts like mini data centers. By 2022, the global market of this technology is expected to reach $6.72 billion. Unlike others, this will also generate jobs mainly for software engineers.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
The user immerses himself in an environment with Virtual Reality (VR) while the environment gets enhanced by Augmented Reality (AR). Primarily, VR was used for gaming, but now it also used for training as with VirtualShip, which is a software for training the US army, navy, and coastal guards. Pokemon Go is the best example of AR.

Both AR and VR have tremendous potential in education, marketing, training, and entertainment. Both of these can also be used to enhance theme parks, marketing, offering an in-depth experience to the museum-goers, and train doctors for performing surgery.
There are many big names associated with VR, like Samsung, Google, and Oculus. The demand for professionals with AR and VR skills is expected to increase in the coming future.

What’s Next Now?
Though technologies are emerging and progressing worldwide, the techniques, as mentioned above, offer potential career options in the future, and currently, all are facing a shortage of proficient workers. This means it is the right time for you to choose one, get trained for it, and position yourself for success now and in the foreseeable future.


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