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Top features to look for on your next smartphone

If you look at smartphones today, we have so many options and versions. Every device is loaded with an endless amount of features and sophisticated tech. Processors, display resolution, storage, RAM, battery, audio, etc. are just the beginning of a long list of factors. Doesn’t matter the kind of user, usage, or price range for mobile, you can find plenty of options. And each of these offering an impressive combination of great features.

Still, the question remains what should you be expecting in your device in 2020. In these times, when there is so much commotion in the smartphone industry, picking an option is confusing. Some companies are innovating with their camera, while others on creating a slim and sleek handset. And then there are some trying to lure buyers with attractive prices.

Here are some trends and features you should look for on the next phone you purchase.

  1. Best software experience
    A crucial component of user experience and usability of a device comes from its software. A mobile phone with the best-in-class technical specs can still have poor performance if the software isn’t good. Look for devices that offer the latest OS – iOS or Android and a cleaner UI. Do look for the software update lifecycles and support period offered with the device.
  2. Bigger and better cameras
    For the last 2 years or so, cameras have a great deal with mobiles. First, it was with the front cameras – notch and punch hole. And then it is the real camera – with complex multi-camera modules. It isn’t just a matter of how many MPs the camera is, but also about the sensors and how those cameras work. Nowadays we have various devices with triple and quad-cameras like the ones from Samsung and also with unique gimbal mechanisms like the Vivo X50 Pro.
  3. Fingerprint readers
    There is hardly any new release out there that doesn’t have a fingerprint reader. Over the months, companies tried to experiment with it by adding it on the back, on to the central master key, into the display and even on the side with the volume rockers. Choose the one that you find convenient.
  4. Future ready with 4G /5G
    The time for 3G and LTE is passing away and the near future is 4G and 5G. While there are still many LTE and Volte support phones on the market, you should look for a device that can support 5G. After all, how things are progressing in the smartphone market, 5G would be here before you know it.
  5. Longer and better battery lives
    When you purchase a smartphone, you expect it last at least a full day and keep up with your daylong activities. Be it watching videos or play music, gaming, texting or social media browsing. And with the heavy software and hardware sucking the battery, you need a bigger and better battery. And it not mere battery capacity that matters, but also the battery management and boost charge compatibility.

There are so many components and features available on mobile phones these days. And the list is endless. The ones we talked about are some of the most important ones and the rest you can choose depending on your needs and use.


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