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Top 10 Best Comics for Children read and Enjoy with Moral

What do your kids do? After returning from kindergarten or school. They must feel relaxed. Playing outdoor or indoor games will be a good option for them. But, How about reading comics?. Reading comics not only provides coloured sketches but also ethical values. From toddler to adults, everyone likes animated characters. Kids love to live in the world of imagination apparently, kid-friendly books deliver it.

Hundreds of comics release every day across the globe. but, few of them will be able to make a special place in a kid’s heart. Below, we have given the list of top 10 comic books of all time, which are popular among all. Don’t miss out.

1) Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

This is one of the best books ever written for children. As time passes by, you will be drawn into Harry`s world. when you read it, it makes you fall in love with every character of this book. some kids are fans of magic and mystery love other than this.this book covers genre like fiction, love, friendship, drama, power. As a child, this book takes you on the adventure, also brings joy, sorrows. It shows the battle between good and evil by dramatically. This makes you realize that don’t think magic isn’t real. while reading it. Last but not least, little aspects of humor are provided to give a funny way of reading. 

This book is highly recommended for 0-20 year old

STORYLINE-  Harry, an orphan, was living with his aunt, was taken by Hagrid to the wizarding school. the book.centre of the story is a Philosopher stone. Using magic, he fought bravely to destroy philosopher stone and not to hand over to the evil god, Voldemort.

PriceNew from
Kindle Edition₹ 299.00
Audible Audiobook, Unabridged₹ 0.00Free with your Audible trial
Hardcover₹ 1,559.00
Paperback₹ 317.00₹ 317.00
Mass Market Paperback, Import₹ 4,623.71₹ 4,623.71
Audio CD, Audiobook, CD, Unabridged₹ 1,654.00₹ 1,654.00

2) Avengers Comics by Marvel Comics

Avengers Comics by Marvel Comics

 Without this book, your childhood would be miserable. being a child, your first priority is to look for superheroes. If your kid is a fan of the Superpower and Action genre, this comic is for them.fictional characters will give them goosebumps. Cover Page and will be the first thing that catches your eyes from beginning to the end.superheroes will make a special place in kids hearts. It can be more fun and easier to read than usual books. Going through the book. these animated pictures activate your Visual sense.

This book is highly recommended for 7-15 years old.

STORY-LINE- The storyline is all superheroes unite to defeat a super-villain, named Thanos, around eight-feet tall guy. His goal is to kill half-life in the world by using stones power.

PriceNew from
Paperback₹ 995.00₹ 995.00

3) The 1,000-Year-Old Boy

The 1,000-Year-Old Boy

Who doesn’t want to live forever. A novel with a Unique title seems to be must readable. Time-traveling and Epic adventure play with senses. The cover page with bright colors is the main attention. Reading a book with friends will pass leisure time. Fascinating characters will make you lost for a while. It’s a very well written book, each character seems Alive on the page.It doesn’t lack Imagination. This book is filled with twists to keep you amazed.people from all ages would love to read this book.    

This book is highly recommended for 5-50 year old 

STORYLINE – Alfie, a teenage boy, in actual he is a 1,000 years old boy and can remember every event that happened to him.when everything Alfie knows and loves is destroyed .he is on a mission to start a new life.

PriceNew From
Kindle Edition₹ 276.25
Audible Audiobook, Unabridged₹ 0.00Free with your Audible trial
Paperback₹ 350.00₹ 350.00

4) Alice in Wonderland (Uncle Moon’s Fairy Tales)

Alice in Wonderland (Uncle Moon's Fairy Tales)

Magic and Pastel Colours take you to the Disney world. A fairytale with wonderful pictures will absolutely blow you away his fairytale is Vintage based. Interaction of fairy with animals will encourage you to become a fairytale lover. The writing is compelling and humor- mixed- up stories won’t stop you loving. This fairytale develops a Child’s imagination.   This fairytale helps in learning values in a funny way. baby and toddler will love to see it.

This book is highly recommended for 5-15 year old.

STORYLINE –  Story of Alice, who falls through a rabbit hole into the new fantasy world.she experiences a series of changes like becoming larger or smaller after intaking certain foods and liquids.

Price New from
Kindle Edition ₹ 44.10
Paperback₹ 56.00₹ 56.00
Board Book₹ 98.00₹ 98.00


5) Thea Stilton and The Mystery in Paris

Thea Stilton and The Mystery in Paris

Adventure with action will take you on another level. It is a fantasy book and helps you imagine how a mouse would like a kid in the also get experience, what other characters are having. The story is narrated in Paris. will come to know French culture. The author describes Paris very effectively. Paris is the place where everybody wishes to can steal all the attention in every image. the ending will surprise you.

This book is highly recommended for 5-21 years.

STORYLINE –  Thea sisters are off to Paris to visit  Colette`s fashion-designer friend Julie. Suddenly, Julie`s designs are stolen. Girls go on a mission to find the culprit.

PriceNew From
Kindle edition₹ 239.40
Paperback, Illustrated₹ 234.00₹ 234.00

6) Pokémon The Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages: Volume 1 

Pokémon The Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages: Volume 1

Illustrated sketches and character development allows the reader to go for reading. This book is based on an epic adventure blended with science fiction. The Colorwork within sketches is Fabulous. backgrounds are utilized to portray a story from beginning to end. Movies are also adapted. you will get lost for a while,& forget where you will experience the illusion that you are living in the world of the story. It is written in an easy way to read. The adventurous journey and secret unfolding baffled you. This comic can be read among all age groups.

This book is highly recommended for readers ages 5-21.

STORYLINE – The power of Pokemon Hoopa, whose power is confined in the bottle. Ash, Pikachu, and their friends visit a desert city, where they kill the mythical Pokemon and save the city.

PriceNew from
Paperback, Illustrated₹ 601.00₹ 601.00

7)Tintin in America

Tintin in America

What would be it like to go on a puzzle-solving mission at a very young age?. It’s hard to find comics blended with adventure, action, and mystery. It’s all there. Comics represented the life of America in the year of 1930. It got a special place in Thrill-seekers. The engagement of colorful pictures is done very effectively. You will be keen to see an inside glimpse of how it’s like to be a reporter. Along with an exciting plot, fully developed loveable characters take you on a fascinating adventure ride.

This book is highly recommended for readers ages 5-16.  

STORYLINE – Tintin, a teenage boy, is a reporter, who travels to America with his dog Snowy.he starts to make a report on crime happen in Chicago City. Later, he finds out the culprit. By his Honesty, kind, hard work makes you love him more.

PriceNew from
Hardcover₹ 639.13₹ 639.13
Paperback₹ 451.00₹397.00

8) The Jungle Book 

The Jungle Book

What would be it like to go on a Jungle safari with Mowgli throughout this children’s book? It comes under the adventure, unconditional love, friendship genre. It gives some moments to laugh you out. it is about Kindness, survival, and bravery.The interaction of animals with each other gives importance to unity.All characters are waved nicely that hook you till the end. Unbiological, animal Mother shows unconditional love to the human child.Cover Page looks so glossy.The classic tale involves Indian jungle background. For young adults, This book is going to unlock your childhood memories.

This book is highly recommended for readers ages 6-15.

STORYLINE-  Mowgli, a human-child abandoned in a boat, was taken by Bagheera to the Jungle. Later, a pack of wolves brought him up. Sher Khan, a tiger, was after Mowgli to kill him.two of them, one has to survive.

PriceNew from
Kindle Edition₹ 0.00
Audible Audiobook – Unabridged₹ 0.00free with your audible trial
Hardcover – Abridged₹ 237.50₹175.00
Paperback₹ 60.00₹ 60.00
 Mass Market Paperback₹ 199.00₹169.15
Audio CD – Audiobook₹1,351.00
 Board book – Picture Book₹ 907.00₹ 907.00


9) Three Man in a Boat

Three Man in a Boat

It is a classic epic tale and travel-oriented book.The illustrated cover will steal your can add this comic for a Fun reading.You will get overwhelmed by discovering a strong friendships.It is so relaxing to read. A journey on the boat with your best friends will give you another level of joy.Children go into the new world by reading it. Narrating some great locations like the Thames River makes them imagine.It is written in easy language, so as not to miss to add it to your bookshelf. 

This book is highly recommended for readers ages 0-17.

STORYLINE – Three friends, go on vacation along with a dog. They discover true friendship. They forget their problems and enjoy the journey.

PriceNew from
Kindle Edition₹ 63.00
Hardcover₹ 139.00₹ 139.00
Paperback₹ 125.00₹104.00
Hardcover, Audiobook, CD, Unabridged

10) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Some Fairy-tale impacts on your upbringing. First of all, Graphic books won’t stop you from buying. Disney focuses on fairy-tale along with Moral values. You will not believe that magic doesn’t exist. The detailing in the artwork will amaze you. Colorful arts in each image tell more than the includes fantasy, magic genre. This comic is a Visual companion one, which connects directly to the wizarding world.

This book is highly recommended for readers ages 5-12. 

STORYLINE –    Snow White, a very gorgeous princess, lures everyone’s heart by her kindness and beauty. The Wicked Queen, her jealous stepmother,  wants to kill her. She seeks shelter out of the kingdom. The clash between evil power and good power will take you to the next level. 

PriceNew from
Hardcover₹ 159.00₹127.20


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