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The Stress-free Golf Swing

Ben Hogan’s REAL Golf Swing Secret That He Took To His Grave Is Finally Discovered — And It’s Unlike Anything You’ve EVER Seen Before…


The Best Part?  You’ll Quickly And Easily Be Able To Put Your Ball Striking On Autopilot And Build A True “Timing Free” Golf Swing

Right now you’re thinking “yeah right Jeff. Some of the top players and instructors in the history of golf have studied Hogan’s swing for over 60 years, and you think you’ve actually discovered something new? Gimmie a break…”

I get why you’d be a touch skeptical…I really do (trust me, I was dumbfounded too). So dumbfounded in fact that I called up several of my instructor buddies and asked them if they’d ever heard anyone else talk about this “secret move” I mentioned to them.

To my shock, not one of them had ever heard, read or seen this mentioned anywhere.

As you can imagine at this point, I started getting a little excited, but realized there’s still very little chance this is something truly “revolutionary.”

So I continued to dig…

I read Hogan’s Five Lessons (his classic instruction book) cover to cover. I looked through years of Golf Digest & Golf Magazine instruction articles. I read all the books claiming to reveal his true swing secret…

Nothing. Not one mention of it. Crazy.

But before we get into this “secret,” let me tell you a little bit about how this all happened.

My name is Jeff Richmond, and I have over 100,000 golfers that subscribe to my blog. Every Sunday I send out my Consistent Golf Gazette to those 100,000+ golfers.

As part of that, I often do swing analysis of professional golfers – and in early 2015 I read a statement online that said this:

  “The Average Tour Player Only Moves His Head 1 Inch During The Swing” 

That statement intrigued me, so I wanted to see whether it was true or not. So I got together a lot of videos of great golfer’s swings. That list included the following golfers:

  1. Adam Scott
  2. Payne Stewart
  3. Phil Mickelson
  4. Moe Norman
  5. Ernie Els
  6. Sam Snead
  7. Tom Watson
  8. Jim Furyk
  9. Michelle Wie
  10. Rory McIlroy
  11. Ben Hogan
  12. Jack Nicklaus
  13. Tiger Woods
  14. Jason Day
  15. Rickie Fowler
  16. Lee Trevino
  17. Bubba Watson
  18. Greg Norman
  19. Lydia Ko
  20. Arnold Palmer
  21. Gary Player
  22. Nick Faldo
  23. Fred Couples

I was highly intrigued by this statement, so I began analyzing hundreds of professional golfer’s swings, completing my research in March of 2015.

When I did my analysis of Hogan’s swing and compared it to other professional golfers, I noticed a HUGE difference.

(If you’re thinking “head movement” is the secret, keep reading. I assure you that Hogan’s head movement is NOT his one real swing secret…more on the secret later).

Ben Hogan Head Movement

Ask any golfer that watched Hogan hit balls, and you’ll hear the same thing time and time again…”He was the greatest ball striker I ever saw.”

You’ll even hear other players from his era say that as he compressed the ball against the clubface perfectly, it made a completely different sound than everyone else.

But I’ll be honest…

I never thought Ben Hogan had some “magic secret” that would work for every golfer. I figured, just like any other great player, he learned what worked well for him, and through practice and hard work learned how to repeat it.

In fact, in a 1955 Life Magazine article. Mr. Hogan said “his” secret probably wouldn’t help the average golfer and would probably actually hurt them. So anytime I have analyzed Ben Hogan’s swing over the years, I never looked for a secret, because there wasn’t “supposed” to be one.

Nevertheless, I was still very interested in how he hit the golf ball perfectly time, after time, after time…and I had to find the answer.

And from my research I’ve discovered that many believed he never revealed his real swing secret in 1955 at all…

That’s also somewhat confirmed, because some time after the 1955 Life Magazine article was published, Ben then entered into talks with Golf Digest to do an article in which he would reveal his true swing secret. But negotiations broke down once the price got into the six figure bracket (and golfer’s have been suffering for 60+ years as a result).

So when I saw a swing “anomaly” in his swing, it was so obvious and contrary to what is traditionally taught in the golf swing that I was absolutely floored…

Ben Hogan’s Ball Striking Improved After The Accident…

“It was in 1950 that he began showing the kind of precision golf that set him apart.”


As you probably already know, Ben Hogan was involved in a serious car accident in 1949 that nearly cost him his life. After spending months in the hospital, and being told by doctors he would never walk (and certainly never play golf) again, it seemed his career was over.

However in reality, because of his 1 secret move that he developed after the accident, he was just getting started…

Hogan went on to win 6 of his 9 career majors AFTER his accident, including his famous 3 major season of 1953, which many golf writers and historians call the greatest single season in the history of golf.

The interesting part? Hogan said his secret was easy to spot if you knew where to look…and indeed I can verify it is!


Once I discovered this strange move I had to try it.  When I did it felt quite odd I must admit.  But the more I did it the more sense it made.  So I practiced the secret move for a good week before I played another game of golf.  

When I did play I put the secret move into practice and hit 14 greens in regulation!  The previous game I played I only hit 10 greens in regulation which was my average, so I was very happy with the improvement.  But one game doesn’t mean much. 

So like Ben Hogan, I have kept this secret move to myself.  I have not told another golfer about this move.  I have done that because I had to make sure this one move worked long term and was not a quick fix, band aid etc.  And the results are in…

After 8 months of using this one move I was hitting the ball way better than I ever had.  My handicap dropped from 1 to a +1 handicap thanks to averaging 12 greens in regulation.  Now I’m on a +2 handicap and average 13 greens in regulation.

And that’s using this one move and playing about once every 1-2 weeks.

Since discovering this one move I have performed it thousands of times.  It’s quite an addictive move for some reason, and I still do this move every day, because I enjoy doing it.

The great thing about this secret move is you don’t need to actually swing to practice it.  You can practice it anywhere, at anytime.  At home is perfect.  Plus, it’s so simple you can learn it in 5 minutes. But I do have to warn you however, it will no doubt feel completely foreign to you, as it’s a move you would have never done before in your golf swing.  But that’s exciting, because that means this one move is going to help you for once to hit the ball properly and control where the ball goes. 

Anyway, in October 2015 after another great ball striking day I thought this move was too good to keep to myself.  So, as an experiment I wanted to see what other golfers would experience with this move.  So I put together a PDF and a few videos to explain this move and let golfers test it out.  This was on the 18th of November, 2015.  Almost immediately I received emails from enthusiastic golfers like this telling me of their results in a short period of time…

Dear Jeff,
It has only been 5 days since starting this swing but i have to email you some early results. Immediately after my order i started implementing “the move”. It felt odd! I perservered and it started to feel more natural the more i did it. My first game after learning about the move was today. Excuse me if I seem a little enthusiastic but i have to report that today I shot 80. For a lot of golfers that may not be a big deal but for me, a 90 shooter it’s HUGE!!!! That is my lowest score ever! Of course I can look back and say I could have broken 80 but I am very, very happy with my 80. My playing partners could not believe how I was hitting the ball and to be honest, neither could i! Hitting the ball properly like I did today is the best feeling I have ever had in the game. I wish to thank you very, very much for bringing this information to the public!
Joe Adams

“I purchased the stress free golf swing on a whim and didn’t expect much. To be honest, I have been let down so many times in the past when I have purchased golf improvement products that I simply have lost hope. That was until now! It’s only been a couple of weeks since I have this new swing and the good results were virtually instant. My over the top move is gone. My big, deep divots are gone. My slice is gone. My wild inconsistency is gone. Sure I still hit some poor shots but everyone does. The thing is my bad shots are not nearly as bad as they used to be. I have only played twice since purchasing this and I had 78 and 82. My games before that were 88 and 89 and that’s my “normal”. If I’m honest, I can’t believe the difference. I know it’s early day’s but I just had to let you know. This is the best investment I’ve ever made in my golf game. Thanks mate for letting me be one of the first to try it.”
Gary Stone

“Now although it was encouraging getting comments like that straight away, I wanted to wait until golfers had a good time frame to digest the information and make the move a habit.  So on the 28th of January I sent out an email to the trial customers of The Stress-Free Golf Swing, to get feedback on their results over the last 2 months  And the results are in.  Golfers from all around the world are getting great results with this program, like this… This one move has totally transformed my ball striking.  I was a very inconsistent ball striker before this move but now my ball striking has improved dramatically.  As a result my handicap has come down by 3 points and I’m enjoying golf so much more now.” Bob Thornton
Florida, USA

But don’t just take my students’ words for it, here are a few reasons you should try my Stress Free Golf Swing system and learn Mr. Hogan’s top secret move today…

  • It’s simple.  This isn’t some physics concept that takes an advanced mathematics degree to learn.. it’s easy to learn whether you’re 8 or 80. .
  • One Swing Thought.  You’ll “free your mind” and play with more confidence and enjoyment with one simple thought.  
  • You can learn it FAST and practice it anywhere inside.  Ever had a lesson, and the pro tells you that you need to “hit the range hard” for the next 3 weeks?  Not here. 
  • You’ll have a repeatable golf swing… finally.  If this one secret move resurrected Ben Hogan’s career, don’t you think it can help you?

Why Your Short Game Isn’t the Key to Lower Scores (Warning…This Might Ruffle Some Feathers)

Short game, short game, short game…it’s the key to lower scores right?

Well…not exactly. Look, there’s no doubt that a solid short game will save you some shots, but there’s a reason you don’t see any poor ball strikers on the PGA Tour.

The Only Way You’re Going to Lower Your Scores Consistently is to Improve Your Ball Striking

There is a strong correlation between greens in regulation and scoring average, and for 97% of golfers the quickest way to lower scores is to improve your ball striking and hit more greens.

It’s simple, straight forward data…and it doesn’t lie.

“So let me get this straight Jeff…if you can teach me how to drastically improve my ball striking in 5 minutes, why did Ben Hogan practice for hours every…single…day?”

It’s simple really…he enjoyed it. Don’t we all tend to enjoy things that we do well? Mr. Hogan is no exception. If you hit the ball perfectly every single time, wouldn’t you want to play and practice more? I thought so.

And the times when you’re in control of your golf ball makes golf so much fun doesn’t it?

Now you can have that with this one secret Ben Hogan move. And when you try it you’ll find that it’s the easiest way for you to swing the golf club. And it makes the golf swing so simple and removes the frustration from swinging the golf club. It’s because of those reasons that I have called this new golf swing:

 The“Stress-Free” Golf Swing

157 Page Book In PDF Format
15 Online Videos
1 Page PDF Cheat Sheet

Start Your No Risk 60-day trial NOW!

Yes! I want to get The Stress-Free Golf Swing To Quickly And Easily Improve My Ball Striking For Just $127 $97 $47  – On Special Because It Has Just Been Updated And Improved. PUT THIS ONE SECRET MOVE TO THE TEST NOW!

Buy Now

Golf Instructors are Getting Rich Off of Complicated Instruction…This Secret Will Change that, and Have You Playing the Best Golf of Your Life the Very Next Time You Play Golf.  Instructors are Getting Rich Off of Complicated Instruction…This Secret Will Change that, and Have You Playing the Best Golf of Your Life the Very Next Time You Play

Hogan’s secret move will finally have you:

  • Hitting your driver right on the screws and flushing your irons right at the flag. 
  • Shooting lower scores by hitting more greens in regulation (stress free golf!)
  • Thinking clearly and playing golf instead of playing “golf swing”. 
  • Gaining confidence and the ability to shape shots and hit the exact shot called for on demand.  

So let me ask you a question…what’s holding you back?

I bet you can relate to one or more of the following…

  1. Lack of Golf Swing Focus: Most average golfers go from one idea to another.  Often golfers will think they have found something that will help, only to have a bad round at some point and then they are on to something else.
  2. Complicated Golf Swing: Most golfers make the golf swing way too complicated.  This causes confusion, paralysis by analysis, and thinking their way through the golf swing, which, naturally, is never a good thing. 
  3. Confused About Advice:  Today we are in an age where there is information overload.  There is so much information about the golf swing it’s easy to get confused about what we should do to improve. 

Stop Making Your Golf Swing Complicated! It Isn’t…When You Know Hogan’s True Secret

Look I get it…maybe this sounds “too good to be true.” I’ll admit when I first discovered it, I certainly thought it was.

But we’re not talking about theory or fluff here. We’re talking about the secret move of one of the most consistent ball strikers to ever play the game.

Maybe you’re still on the fence. I don’t know the state of your current game, but I’d wager my house (if I was a betting man) that you don’t hit the ball as purely and consistently as you know you can.

So let me make you an offer that will knock your socks off.

You can get access to Hogan’s secret move for just $127 $97 $47…likely less than the cost of your next round of golf, food and drinks.

Quite frankly, I think this material is worth wayyy more than $127  $97 $47, but it’s currently on special so that everyone, from a beginner on a shoestring budget to an experienced amateur (or even professional), can get it.

Oh and one more thing…it comes with a 60 day, no questions asked, iron-clad money back guarantee. You simply can’t lose.

So go ahead and click the button below. You’ll immediately be taken to our secure payment processor where you can get Hogan’s secret move for a one-time payment of just $47.

Start Your No Risk 60-day trial NOW!

Yes! I want to get The Stress-Free Golf Swing To Quickly And Easily Improve My Ball Striking For Just $127 $97 $47  – On Special Because It Has Just Been Updated And Improved. PUT THIS ONE SECRET MOVE TO THE TEST NOW!

Buy Now

For Consistent Golf,

Jeff Richmond
jeff @
Golf Performance Coach

P.S. This offer to try the brand new updated and improved Stress-Free Golf Swing for just $127 $97 $47 is on the table for right now. If you come back on another day the price may be a lot higher.  So get this while you can for just $47 and remember that your purchase is backed up by my 60 day money back guarantee. I just ask that you give this a good go for at least 30 days. Because it does take time to change a habit and this one move is probably completely different to anything you’ve done in the past.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t improve your ball striking within 30 days of using this one secret move then you can ask for your money back and you will get it back with no hassles.  I just ask you give this a good old college try.  And understand you’re backed up with a 60 day refund period. 

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