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No better friend than your books – Why should you read book?

Books are all around us, in the libraries, book stores, shelves at homes, even in waiting lobbies. We often find people reading and carrying around books while traveling. Some of them prefer reading as a hobby and leisure time activity. It’s surprising though, how someone can engulf themselves into reading and enjoy themselves

Why should you read something often?

Are you a reader yourself? Do you ever wonder why do people enjoy spending time with books? What is so great about reading and does it have any benefits? Well, for some it is just for fun, while for the other is about learning, or developing skills. Some people might even read books to connect with the ideas and thoughts of the author. Whatever may be the reason, but reading does have some fascinating benefits

  • Knowledge and vocabulary building
    Books, be it fictional, educational or biographies, often expose the readers to vivid concepts and ideas. This not only introduces them to something new and interesting but over time helps enhance their knowledge and understanding on the intended topic. Furthermore, you would come across words or phrases you did not know of or its usage; and you would want to look a dictionary. This contributes to building your vocabulary and boost language intellect.
  • Lowers stress and boosts mood
    Reading helps distracts the mind and stimulates different parts of the brain. This can help relieve pressure and disperse one’s thoughts. Reading relaxing books, especially self-help and motivation themed books can lower depressive thoughts and boost your mood.
  • Improves memory and imagination
    Reading stimulates different parts of the brain responsible for cognitive function. Regular reading can boost your cognitive abilities like memory and attention. People who read fiction tend to have good creative and imaginative abilities. Fiction readers can immerse themselves into vivid situations and conceptualize characters and stories from their books.
  • Great source of entertainment
    For many people, reading is a means of entertainment. From reading about thrilling and sci-fi fiction books to subtle ones like biographies or literature. The reading time is great leisure time activity and induces peace and relaxation. 

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. Reading takes you to a whole new world, presents innumerable possibilities and allows you to unleash your imagination. And not just a fictional one, you can read anything from a novel to an entertainment magazine, motivational books and even some textbook. There is so much knowledge and creativity and ideas in the form of words. If you aren’t someone who reads, you would be amazed by the experience it offers.

If you want to make a start from a book that isn’t pure fiction but fun to read. Or if you want to give it a try with a simple one that adds value, here are some of great reads for you.

Rich Dad Poor Dad – By Robert Kiyosaki
For someone who has just started to earn or wants to learn about managing one’s financials, there is no better book than this to start with. The book talks about how a rich and successful dad teaches 2 kids some important ideas about money and management. It isn’t a financial bible, but this book can truly transform your view about how you see and handle money. Rich Dad Poor Dad highlights the subtle differences in how the rich teach their kids about financial independence and opportunities, which others don’t. A perfect book for students and young minds to learn some important lessons about the real world.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – By Stephen R. Covey
We often find ourselves missing something or struggling to achieve that one thing that satisfies us. The author talks about the fundamental of our attitudes and behaviours that prevent us from achieving. He lists down 7 habits that are the driving factors to become more effective and independent. Habits that could enable us to be more focused and efficient in our activities and interactions.
He also elaborates on our approach to life that somehow inhibits us from harnessing our potential and being better. While everyone can have their way of seeing through his ideas and methods. But, it is the core values and principles that we should focus on to extract the true value of the author’s ideas.

The Intelligent Investor – By Benjamin Graham
This book is probably one of the greatest books on financial investments and planning. For those involved in financial markets, it is surely worth a read. The author has presented the financial concepts and the most important principles of investments in the simplest terms. He talks about 3 key principles of investing to be an intelligent investor– research, follow a formula you based your investments on and most importantly don’t trust the market and think long term.
Even if you are not an investor, there is a lot you can know and understand the intricacies of markets and how they work. 


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