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How to Plan for your First Surprise Wedding Anniversary

No matter how much gorgeous a party is, it remains incomplete without a cake. So, you must plan the cake design before anything else for a perfect surprise wedding anniversary. Cakes for anniversaries are basically meant to bring back the feeling of love and romance when you first met. Because of this reason, they are great options for a present. They will not only make your spouse happy but also show your appreciation to her/him on your anniversary. You can order designer anniversary cake to gift your spouse on anniversary. Here are some of the yummy cake flavours and design that you must check for your surprise wedding anniversary.

Royal Choco Vanilla Cake as a gift 

Royal Chocó Vanilla Cake is probably one of the most popular cakes that people can use as a gift for an anniversary. In fact, many couples enjoy having the same dessert for their anniversary. The key to making this cake work for you as a gift is to come up with a personalized cake. You can customise this cake with your spouse’s favourite floral design or keep it simple. You must choose the best cake shop for online cake delivery in Noida for the perfect design.  By doing this, you can show your spouse that you care enough about them to put together something special for them. They will surely enjoy the delicious cake and this love will make your bond stronger.

Multi-flavoured cake

Another way to make your cake unique is to get a unique flavour. You can order for mixed flavour to get a unique taste.  For example, if you and your spouse both like the basic taste of vanilla, you may want to create a cake that has vanilla frosting and is filled with white fondant. Another example would be chocolate cream pie with a white fondant top. By making a cake that is not only different from each other, but also different from other chocolate cake flavours, you will make the cake unique and memorable for your couple.

Heart shaped cakes

Heart shaped cakes are indeed the latest trend in cake decorating. Hearts have come to symbolize love and compassion. The combinations of these two things make a perfect anniversary cake.

Black forest cake 

If you want to experience the delicious aroma of a beautiful cake, then you should make yourself this Black Forest’s Cake. This is the famous cake that would give anyone a mouth-watering aroma. It’s easy to make because it only requires flour, eggs, butter and sugar. 

Designer Cakes: Design cakes are very popular as they have a variety of designs which can be ordered in a variety of colours. The choices for the colours are made by the clients. They can be designed in an array of colours and varieties. These flower design cakes are available in a number of different flavours such as chocolate and strawberry. The icing can be decorated with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and chocolate chips. The design also includes the name of the baker, the logo of the baker, the name of the owner, the company’s address, the sales office phone number, and a nice picture of the baker in a suit or other suitably dressed appearance.

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How to Plan for your First Surprise Wedding Anniversary

No matter how much gorgeous a party is, it remains incomplete without a cake. So, you must plan the cake design before...

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