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Brand Positioning – Power of being Distinctive

Conformity crushes brand strategy, branding and marketing. Stand out. Be unique, inside and outside. 

Keeping to the fundamentals, we want to concentrate on how you as a marketer can have a fabric impact on B2B brand strategy and marketing. Notice that we used the word “brand” and not “marketing” ahead of strategy. That’s because you the marketer have a chance to relook at your entire organization, not just only through words and pictures that are used in your communications. Braced by their courage, this is often what the foremost successful CMOs do. 

The CMO role is well-known for being the new spot within the C-Suite, the one with the very best expectations, the shortest tenure and therefore the most varied in terms of responsibilities. Essentially, you’ve got a very short period of your time to effect change, and that’s getting harder, not easier, given all of the spending options available to marketers. Thus, the requirement for courage.

Specifically, you would like the courage to fight for an overarching brand strategy, branding & marketing whether B2B or B2C that differentiates your company. You would like the courage to acknowledge that being unique, or a minimum of distinctive, is more important than being better.

Let’s chew on this a small amount more – your top priority as head of promoting is to assist your company stand out from the group through c. Period. If you can’t embrace this challenge, you’re probably within the wrong role. Anybody who wants to try and do effective marketing is maybe visiting must take an opportunity and check out something new.

A key a part of daring to be distinct is recognizing that it’s not only enough to possess a strategy; you would like to grasp the notion of uniqueness and what which means. It’s not that Ikea is healthier than Ethan Allen. They’re just different. Really different. Every aspect of clear B2B brand strategy and marketing. The Ikea experience is exclusive.

If you’re marketing Ikea, you’re starting with a brand that’s fundamentally unique at its core. Lucky you. Most CMOs, especially those on B2B brands, make companies that lack this caliber of uniqueness, brand strategy and marketing having survived despite blending into their crowded markets.

In reality, most B2B brands are marginally different from their competitors and it becomes the marketer’s job to uncover distinctive B2B brand strategy and marketing. The exercise many communicate is usually called positioning, which is literally how a brand is different from its self-defined competitive set.

Here may be a generic positioning template that’s utilized by B2C and B2B brand marketers:

Applying this approach to our company, Renegade, our Brand positioning statement would be something like “for innovative CMOs of mid-sized B2B companies (target audience), Renegade is that the only strategic boutique (frame of reference) that may guarantee your brand will cover (benefit) because our ridiculously simple process really works (reason to believe). So far, so good. Except not. No employee are ready to remember that line as well as find inspiration from it. No customer are going to be ready to parrot back that sentence when offering testimonials. And it’s even unlikely that an opening will find such boastfulness compelling enough to research further.

Writing a positioning statement may be a good warmup exercise, like calisthenics, but it’s not the tip game for true B2B brand B2B brand strategy and marketing leaders. That comes once you land on some words, preferably eight or less, that transform your brand positioning into something remarkable.

In Renegade’s case, we just needed two: get over. That’s it. B2B brand strategy and marketing works internally, driving the process, shaping the internal conversations and the way we predict about our “product.” It works externally because it speaks out the final words of good things about working with us and sets an expectation that both our process and our product are efficient and effective. And it helps explains why our logo may be a handsaw. It even inspires the premiums we send our clients. That’s plenty of communication for just two words


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