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Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques

Are You Ready To Discover Pro-Bass Fishing Techniques To Target & Land Plenty
Of Bass Right Now?

The Pro-Bass Fishing Training Manual is the Insiders Guide To Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques Known to a Select Group of Highly Effective Bass Fisherman.

Dear Fellow Bass Enthusiast,


If you seek the impressive results obtained by Bass
fishing masters that land significant quantities of
Bass on any body of water….

…. then this is going to be the most valuable
information you’ll ever discover on the subject.

Because you’re about to join an elite group of Bass
anglers who can fish any location, determine the hot
spots and land Bass after Bass, day in & day out.

But before I get into that…. allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Randy Meyers. I started fishing over 50 years ago now.
Yes, you read that right, it’s not a typo, as of April 2010 I hit the
BIG 60. I still can’t believe I’m that old myself.

Over that time I’ve had the opportunity to discover all the
proven techniques that work so effectively on Bass.

This guide is my personal training guide on all the
best secrets I have accumulated over the years.

Here’s the deal….

Let me ask a you a simple question.

Why Is It That 99% of Bass Anglers Struggle To Land A Few Fish When The Pros Fish An Unfamiliar Body
Of Water And Fill Their Live Well Easily?

I’ll tell you why!

Professional Bass Anglers know how to scout for Bass and map productive locations that will produce fish.

Professional Bass Anglers know how to fish all four seasons using different tactics for each season.

Professional Bass Anglers understand  bass behavior, how bass relate to their invironment and how to produce a strike.

Professional Bass Anglers know how to adapt and  fish changing conditions.

Professional Bass Anglers know how to establish a working pattern to use in specific situations.

Professional Bass Anglers know when and how to use each type and color of lure for the best results.

Would Your Bass Fishing Experience Improve Significantly If You Knew Practically Everything A Pro Knows About Bass Fishing? 

Imagine What Your Bass Fishing Experience Would Be Like!

  • No matter where you fish you could locate Bass on lakes, reservoirs, rivers or ponds.
  • You would know how to land Bass in all four seasons.
  • When conditions change you could adapt with different techniques and still fill your live well.
  • You would be able to establish a pattern to land Bass that matches any situation your fishing.
  • You could fish unfamiliar water and be able to map locations for all the hot spots.
  • You would know the color and type of lure to use for each different situation.

Read On To Find Out
How Your Bass Fishing Experience Will Change Forever

In My Pro-Bass Fishing Training Manual
You will discover…

  • How to avoid locations that hold few concentrations of fish because 95% of Bass are located in 5% of the water. Once you know where the Bass are concentrated your results go up dramatically.
  • Where to get the best maps that detail the kind of habitat where Bass will stack up.
  • Time tested and proven strategies to completely research an unfamiliar body of water.
  • Three significant things that always determine when and where Bass locate under different conditions.
  • How to choose lure color and type for the best results based on water clarity.
  • How to produce strikes and land more Bass when fishing any of the four seasons.
  • What patterns to use that are the most productive based on the season and the conditions.
  • How to rig and fish plastic baits that drive Bass crazy.
  • Three specic ways to fish jigs that Bass can hardly refuse to strike.
  • How one specific way you can fish spinnerbaits that’s deadly.
  • Common misconceptions about scents and attractants.
  • Four essential techniques to rig and fish live bait.
  • A detailed Seven step procedure for developing Bass fishing strategies that produce everytime.
  • And Much Much More….

This is A New Product As of Yet I have not had Any Feedback I hope You’ll Be Telling Me Things Like This After Using My Training Manual….

The Pro-Bass Fishing Training manual is the real deal on Bass Fishing…. It made all the difference in the world for me.

I’ve been fishing over 20 years and I cant believe how much I learned from this book.

I approach Bass fishing now with a whole new outlook…. this stuff really works.

Since I’ve been using the techniques in your book I’ve never been skunked…. I feel like a pro the way I’ve been catching bass. I could see tournament fishing as a real possibility.

Randy, thanks so much for sharing this valuable information. I’ve out fished some of guides here several times now.

I bought your book for my dad. He just retired and has taken up fishing.  The first bass he caught was over 5 pounds.

You Can Be Absorbing This Amazing Pro-Bass Fishing Training In The Next 60 Seconds

Order this amazing Pro-Bass Fishing Manual right now and start discovering these Techniques within the next 60 seconds…. yes, that’s right…. WITHIN 60 SECONDS you can have the entire Pro-Bass Fishing System.

That’s because I’ve taken my entire system and turned it into a downloadable PDF (Adobe Acrobat) eBook.

All you need to do is open the eBook on your computer and begin reading!

But don’t worry, downloading the information in “The Pro-Bass Fishing Training Manual”, is a real snap. (It works perfectly with both MAC and PC computers.)

And That’s Not All… You Also Get These 6 FREE
Amazing Bonuses Worth Over $157

FREE ! Bonus #1

“The Essential Bass Tackle Box Guide” The Essential Tackle Box Guide covers all the standard tackle and accessories every Bass angler should own…. And where to get everything.

I consider everything in this guide a must have item for successful Bass fishing. 


VALUED AT $14.95 but this GUIDE is yours FREE When you order today.

This guide will save you plenty. No need to waste money on unnecessary gear. 

FREE ! Bonus #2

“Successful Strategies For Hunting Trophy Bass” Trophy Bass are completely different from your average Bass. There’s 6 key elements to hunting trophy Bass. When I say trophy bass I’m talking about 10 pounds plus. And it’s all explained in this guide.

Trophy Bass Strategies

VALUED AT $24.95 but it’s yours FREE When you order today.

What’s it worth to you to be able to catch Bass over 10 pounds. Just one of these slobs can be the catch of a lifetime. 

FREE ! Bonus #3

Smart Techniques To Probe Thick Vegetation For Monster Bass“, Fishing thick vegetation has its difficulties but once you learn these special techniques it’s as easy as falling off a log.

Smart Techniques For Bass

VALUED AT $12.95 but you get it FREE today with your order.

You’ll get 5 absolutely dynamite techniques with examples of the rigs to use and how to set them up. Big Bass love thick vegetation.

FREE ! Bonus #4

“The Bass Fishing Tournament Primer”, With the new skills you’ll soon have, you’ll probably start thinking about entering tournaments.

Bass Fishing Tournament Primer

The Bass Fishing Tournament Primer covers:

  • How To Get Started
  • How To Do Research For A Tournament
  • Pre-Tournament Fishing
  • Tournament Day Strategies

VALUED AT $19.95 But Again this is yours FREE when you order now.

Why not get paid to fish for Bass by finishing somewhere in the winnings.

FREE ! Bonus #5

“Things You Need To Know If You’re Thinking of Turning Pro Turning pro isn’t for everyone. If this is your’re calling then this report is for you.

Turning Pro

What’s In The Report:

  • Getting Started
  • Preparing For The Costs
  • How To Bridge The Financial Gap
  • Making Yourself Worthy of Sponsorship

VALUED AT $14.95 but it’s yours FREE When you order today.

At one time or another every Successful Bass angler thinks about going pro. This report will put you on the right track.

FREE ! Bonus #6

“Proven Techniques To Obtain Pro Sponsorship”, The transition from amateur bass fisherman to bass fishing tournament professional is nearly impossible without sponsorship.

Pro Sponsorship

This Guide Covers:

  • When & How To Approach A Company For Sponsorship
  • Establishing A Desireable Profile For Sponsorship.
  • How To Prepare A Submittal For Sponsorship Consideration
  • Handling Contract Renewals & Maintaining Your Relationship With Sponsors

VALUED AT $69.95 but it’s yours FREE When you order today.

This information in this guide alone is worth more than the cost for my Pro-Bass Fishing Training Manual.

Order Risk FREE With My 100% Money back Guarantee


Hey…it’s only fair…

You’re my customer after all and I truly care about you getting the kind of results you want to achieve.

And if you don’t achieve those results, then I take that personally, so that’s why I don’t want to keep a red cent from you unless you’re 100% SATISFIED with this eBook bundle.

If for whatever reason you don’t feel that this eBook bundle was worth every penny of your investment, simply let me know within 30 days, wait make that 60 days, I’ll issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

But…You can keep the eBook no matter what,
as my way of thanking you for having faith in my product.

This Is A Special Introductory Offer The Price May Go Up At Any Time

Bass Fishing Bundle

 Special Introductory Price

Risk Free Order Button

Click Now To Order Securely From Click bank
And Download This Entire Bundle Instantly

The Special Price for this Unbelievable bundle won’t last long. Get
it right away before the price goes up. 

Tight Lines & Mega Strikes,
Randy Meyers


P.S. Remenber This is a Huge Bargain. You’re getting my Pro-Bass
Fishing Training Manual plus the 6 Amazing Bonuses
worth over $157 for just $47.

P.P.S. This special offer won’t last long before the price goes back up.

P.P.P.S Also remember that you’re covered by my 100%
no questions asked, money back guarantee.

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